EAStunt provides Stunt Training aimed at satisfying the most demanding requests of today’s film productions. After an initial screening, an adequate and correct physical preparation of the actors and stunt performers follows, targeted at achieving the required skills.
The team develops a path aimed at learn a correct execution of the stunt techniques in the best and safest way possible, without neglecting a basic mental approach, necessary for their enhance.

  • Physical Preparation (Strength Work, Joint Mobility, Mental Approach)
  • Basic Stunt Training for Actors and Stunt Performers
  • Fight Training (with and without weapons)
  • Basic Falls Training

Specific Workshops:

  • High Falls
  • Fire Burns
  • Rigging
  • Wire Works
  • Sword Fighting
  • Air Rams

Via delle Capannelle 116
00178 Rome (Italy)

EA STUNT STUDIO © 2024. All rights reserved.

EA STUNT STUDIO © 2024. All rights reserved.