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EAStudio is our headquarters. It was born in 2015, near the historic Cinecittà Film Studios, with the aim of providing directors and filmmakers with everything necessary for the accomplishment of the most innovative action sequences. EAStudio is divided into three blocks.

Block A is the Main Studio, where we arrange Rehearsals and all the development of Action Sequences, as well as Training for the Actors and Stunt Performers involved. Block A also has a Rigging Gear Depot, Logistics Offices and a Props/Rubber Weapons Armory for training in Total Safety.

Block B is represented by a Studio Theatre with a Green Screen on the side Wall, also set up with Trusses and Rigging Gear for the creation of Wire Work Sequences. In addition, in Block B you can find an Editing Room and a Garage for Vehicles and Camera-Cars.

Block C, at last, is a Well-Equipped Metal Mechanical Workshop dedicated in the creation of Technical Effects of all kinds, preparing Cars and Motorcycles for Chases, Accidents, Jumps and Rollovers. Creation of Mechanisms for Lifting, Rigging, Rolling and Motorized Gimbels.


Via delle Capannelle 116
00178 Rome (Italy)


EA STUNT STUDIO © 2024. All rights reserved.

EA STUNT STUDIO © 2024. All rights reserved.