It all started in 1958. Mario Novelli began his career as a Stunt Performer in the Epic Peplum Movies and Big Colossals. After a few years he embarked on a career as an actor, starting a new chapter of his life under the Stage Name of “Antony Freeman”.

Both his sons, emulating their father’s deeds, embarked on his same career from a very young age, establishing themselves internationally and participating in the making of numerous Action Movies. This is where the Dream comes from.

Creating a Stunt Facility in Italy, with an Innovative Concept ready to keep up with the new technologies and able to provide a Full Service in the Stunt Industry. All this materialized in 2007 when the EAStunt was born.

The EAStunt HeadQuarter, based just a few meters away from the historic Cinecittà Studios in Rome, boasts not only a strategic position, but also a state-of-the-art equipment park that aims to satisfy the increasingly ambitious requests of the most demanding Directors and Productions.

EAStunt is a Dynamic and Ultra-Modern environment with highly qualified personnel, trained through a know-how of 65 years of experience and which aims at a constant search for innovation. We respond to the growing demand to create Action Dynamics directly with the Actors involved, with a Preparation and Training Service that follows them until they reach the necessary competence to perform the Action Sequences in a Safe and Best Way possible.

To complete the service, we create Stunt PREVIZs, starting from the Script and in agreement with the Directors, giving an ultimate idea of the Stunt Sequences entrusted to us.

Our commitment for the next Future, is to be aligned with the continuous evolution of Show Business and to remain a Reference Point in the International Movie Industry.

Part of the future is entrusted to our children, who represent the “Third Generation” and who have already begun to follow in the footsteps of their fathers and grandfather.

Via delle Capannelle 116
00178 Rome (Italy)


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